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Welcome to my Website.

This is to introduce myself and to tell you how I got to where I am in the world of Complementary Therapies.

I was born in Switzerland where I spent my childhood in an environment where natural ways of wellbeing were a part of life. My father used to treat us children with "herbs and potions", and without realising it that became the way of looking after myself.

I came to England in my early twenties to learn the language and to teach French.But it was only when the time came for my children to leave home that I embarked on a new life and started to get involved in complementary therapies.

I came across Shiatsu in a hospital environment where I discovered that not only the patients, but also the staff,were receiving this apparently wonderful type of massage. At the time, I was studying Reflexology and therefore already involved in therapies. I started to look into Shiatsu more deeply, read books about it, went on various adult education courses, and got more and more involved and passionate about the subject. But it was only after receiving my first professional treatment, and therefore feeling exactly what Shiatsu was all about, that I decided to embark on a professional training.

This is my way of saying that only by receiving a treatment can you realise what a wonderful experience it is!  



One moon shows in every pool; in every pool, the one moon.

Zen Forest Saying


Nothing is worth more than this day.